Our mission is to grow your business fast. We provide quick and straightforward ways to plan and run your marketing, then measure and improve results.

We can help your business engage, educate and surprise your clients and prospects. Give them value, earn their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Read on to learn about the principles that drive our work.

Our Services

Clear Core Values

This is the driving force of your business - the soul, the essence, the "why", the value proposition.

It's also why your customers choose you, not your rivals.

We admire companies that work really hard to understand, capture and communicate their “why”. If ever they lose their edge, they review what they're about, and update the words, images and numbers to tell their audience.

Relevant Valuable Content

Many companies rely on content which becomes outdated, stale or imitated by rivals.

We admire companies that continually improve their content, formats and channels which aim to make their prospective buyers better informed. These companies also generate plenty of leads.

Insights from data

Today's sophisticated marketing tools allow you to measure and test your marketing in detail and generate valuable insights.

We admire companies that collect and analyse the right data, then act on the insights gained. They get better quickly by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

And the best companies run carefully controlled tests that can lead to great leaps in performance.


We can work with you on anything from a day-long specific assignment, to a major programme spanning several years.

Here are some of the things you can expect.

Our Services

Audit and Diagnose your Marketing


By measuring your activities and taking honest stock, you will identify where the biggest improvements can be made.

We will examine your marketing activities to date, and what they achieved.

You'll get a report that clearly shows what's worked and what hasn't, and recommends what to do more of, what to do less of, what to start doing, and what to stop completely.

Review your Value Proposition and Business Purpose

By speaking clearly to your audience you will cut through the noise generated by your competitors.

We will carry out research and run two 1/2 day workshops.

You'll get a pack containing a clear, powerful and compelling value proposition, elevator pitch and fundamental values of your business that can form the essence and driving force of all your content.

Create a Communication Framework

To generate more leads, you need to get the right information to the right people at the right stage in their buying process.

We will research and run sessions with you to really understand your target audience’s needs. We can then plan content

You'll get a framework to create and distribute content that will engage your target market at each stage of their buying journey, and will clearly make them better off having seen your content.

Create your Marketing Plan

Put your faith into a sturdy marketing plan that avoids common pitfalls and disappointments.

We will gather the necessary information to build an ambitious,  realistic, time and resource bound marketing plan with a laser focus to attract your target audience.

You'll get a robust marketing roadmap that you can stick to.

Run your Marketing Plan

Reap the rewards of careful planning and make slipped deadlines a thing of the past.

We will run your marketing plan, from carrying out specific parts of the plan, acting as your head of marketing, to fully resourcing your marketing function.

You'll get a service that flexes to your needs.

Test Measure and Improve

Marketing greats not only have clear intent and a motivated team, they carefully measure and adapt to boost results. So can you.

We will capture the right data and results, interpret them, and recommend appropriate changes to your marketing activities.

You'll have a process that focusses on continual improvement. You'll clearly see why a specific piece of marketing generates a specific result.

Leadership and experience

PR Photo June 2014

Modular Marketing is led by Paul Radziwill. For the last 20 years he's helped businesses grow by improving their marketing and sales.

Visit Paul on LinkedIn.

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